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Full branding package for a company that offers its guests tailor-made authentic tours around Bali, where they can truly explore and immerse in Balinese culture, diverse tastes, and undiscovered locations.



One of the important aspects of Balinese culture is a kind of compass with nine directions: eight rays and one center. All major temples of Bali are located in accordance with the directions of this compass with the mother temple of Besakih in the center. We've used this unique compass as an inspiration for the logo by placing eight rays in a circle forming the ninth direction in the center. Each ray is a letter N - the first letter in the word Niskala. We've developed a responsive logo to maintain the brand identity, regardless of where customers interact with the company. 


We have created custom illustrations that reflect the uniqueness of Bali and help the brand to stand out and be unique. The illustration repeats the traditional motif called "lamak" that made from a banana leaf and decorates places for ceremonies, temples, and entrance of the houses. 


The color palette of three shades of green mixed with soft beige gives Niskala a premium, tropical, and natural feel that reflects the atmosphere of the tropical island of Bali, immersed in the lush greenery of the jungle and rice fields. To support the elegant forms of the logo, we have selected fonts that blend harmoniously with it.