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Packaging design

PHITACHI - is a chocolate atelier surrounded that creates the author's handmade chocolate in a craft way. Atelier is located in Belbek Valley surrounded by the Crimean mountains, a magical place that inspires creativity and unites talented people. 


Our task was to create a packaging design for a limited chocolate collection, where the main idea is the collaboration of an artisan chocolate brand with artists from the Belbek Valley, a place inspired PhitaChi to highlight the creative paths of the artists of this land by placing reproductions of their work on the packaging of the chocolates. Each taste of chocolate in the collection is created in collaboration with the artists of the valley and is dedicated to her beauty.


We have created a color scheme that allowed us to combine the design of all 5 flavours, and at the same time blend harmoniously with the paintings of the artists.

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Brand Identity - Digital Design - Video - Photo

Since the paintings are the main element of the packaging composition, we have developed a minimalistic design to balance the rich image of the painting and the rest of the packaging elements

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